Jun Feng

CEO  Co-founder


Mr Feng has 28 years of work experience in the field of clinical medical and medical technology: 10 years of clinical medical work background, 18 years of work experience in medical technology marketing and high-tech consumables sales industry……


Min Zhu

CTO  Co-founder


Dr. Zhu has worked at Acutus Medical Inc. for 8 years. As the Director of Algorithm, she led the entire algorithm team to support the R&D for 3D navigation system, 3D mapping system and ablation technologies. Her experiences include……


Graydon Beatty

CSO  Co-founder


Graydon Beatty, PhD, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Maxwell Biomedical, Inc.

Dr. Beatty has over 40 years of experience in the design and development of innovative products for the field of cardiac electrophysiology……


Founder team